Our Mission is Clear

Virgo Solutions provides
comprehensive customized IT solutions
designed to adapt as your business expands.
We guide our clients on
  • platform and application architecture
  • process improvement
  • enterprise software development
and everything you need to optimize operations.
Our experts stay on the forefront of
modern technologies and processes
to keep our clients ahead of their competitors.

Virgo Solutions is your trusted partner for all of your IT needs.

Jerry Virgo

Seasoned Software Engineer and Entrepreneur
Uniquely qualified to understand both your
technical and operational needs.

Business owner for over a decade, building a brand reputation for excellence while managing projects for clients of all sizes around the globe.

Expert in architecting and deploying enterprise applications, with a focus on batch and big data driven platforms. This includes building devops pipelines, developing APIs on modern technology platforms (including AWS Lambdas, Docker/Kubernetes) and front-end development with Vue/Angular/React.