Case Study: Project based solution for a loyalty rewards program and web application


Freixenet, the world’s largest distributor of sparkling wines, was looking for a new way to engage their existing customers while generating new interest in their sparkling wines. They had previously engaged in a loyalty rewards campaign with satisfactory results, and were open expanding on the idea.


Virgo Solutions created Freixenet Rewards, a loyalty rewards program with social media engagement integrated throughout. Leveraging innovative design and on-going promotions, we engaged hundreds of thousands of users. Users registering would receive reward points for scanning and uploading receipts with purchases of Freixenet sparkling wine. Users also received additional points for commenting on Facebook, uploading photos, having a birthday, or playing a custom built game called “Spin the Bubbles”, which awarded random prizes for participation. Additionally, we held quarterly and monthly promotions to help retain our audience.


The campaign successfully ran for several years, with many users rewarded with prizes through the point-based e-commerce system. User engagement was also a success, with an average session duration of over 5 minutes

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