Case Study: Virgo Solutions Develops E-Commerce Application for Analytics and Consumer Credit Reporting Company


A large analytics and consumer credit reporting company was facing critical security issues with their existing e-commerce platform. The platform had taken two years to implement and was no longer sufficient to meet the company’s needs. The company approached Virgo Solutions, a consulting firm, to help them rebuild their e-commerce application.

Problem Statement:

The company’s existing e-commerce platform was outdated and posed a significant security risk to the company and its customers. The platform was also slow, making it difficult for customers to complete transactions and access their credit reports. The company needed a more secure and user-friendly e-commerce platform to meet the demands of its customers and ensure the safety of their data.


Virgo Solutions took a consulting approach to the development of the e-commerce application. The team worked closely with the company to understand their specific needs and requirements for the new platform. Virgo Solutions proposed a custom application build to address the security issues and provide a faster, more efficient e-commerce experience for the company’s customers.

The Virgo Solutions team rebuilt the entire e-commerce application within five months, significantly reducing the time it took for the original platform to be implemented. The new platform was built using the latest security measures and technology to ensure the safety of the company’s customers’ data. The platform was also designed to be user-friendly, making it easier for customers to access reports and complete transactions.


Virgo Solutions successfully addressed the security and user experience issues faced by the analytics and consumer credit reporting company by developing a custom e-commerce platform. The new platform was built within five months and provided a secure, user-friendly e-commerce experience for the company’s customers. The success of the project demonstrated Virgo Solutions’ expertise in consulting and developing e-commerce applications for companies in need of a better solution.

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