Data Engineering & Analytics

Our Solutions

Our primary are of expertise revolves around the development of intricate data ingestion pipelines with could-based environments. In this regard, our team excels in all aspects, from the initial architectural design to seamless deployment and ongoing support of these critical initiatives. This specialization sets up apart as a trusted partner for organization seeking to harness the power not data in the digital age

On the analytics front, we pride ourselves on our ability to craft tailored, interactive data visualization application that provide deep insights and actionable intelligence. Additionally, we are well-versed in the implementation of dashboards sourced from third party application, ensuring that clients have access to the most effective tools for monitoring and decision-making. 

What truly distinguishes us is our extensive experience in handling highly sensitive data. We have a proven track record of managing Personally Identifiable Information (PPI) with the utmost care and discretion. Furthermore our team is well-versed in supporting federal government data initiatives, particularly those within the Department of Defence (DoD). The experience underscores our commitment to the security, compliance, and the responsibility handling of critical data assets, making us the go-to-partner for organization operating in regulated and high-security environments. 

We specialize in data engineering and analytics, where we transform data into valuable insights using advanced technology and methods. our team's expertise ensures that businesses can make informed decisions and improve their efficiency and profitability through data-driven strategies

"Partnering with Virgo Solutions for our Data Engineering and Analytics needs was a wise decision. Their expertise and professionalism were evident in the outstanding results achieved. They truly elevated our data-driven decision-making processes." Michael W.


No matter what your Data Engineering & Analytics needs are  we’ve got you covered.

No project is too big our small for our customized solutions.

Our capabilities include:

  • building complex data pipelines
  • Architectural, Deployment & support
  • custom interactive data visualizations
  • cloud ingestion pipelines
  • 3rd party application dashboards
  • handling sensitive data

Our Technologies

Our Value Add

The added value we bring through our services is multi-faceted. First and foremost, our proficiency in building complex data ingestion pipelines and architecting solutions in cloud environments ensures that organizations can efficiently and reliable harness their data, leading to faster decision-making and improved operational efficiency.

On the analytics front, our custom data visualization applications and adeptness with third-party dashboards empowers clients to transform raw data into actionable insights, facilitating informed strategic choices. Additionally, our experience in handling sensitive data, including PII and federal government information, install confidence in our clients, assuring them of data security, compliance, and the utmost discretion.

Capabilities include:

  • Global development teams in the US, Mexico,  India & Brazil
  • On-Premise or Remote Capabilities
  • IT COnsulting or staff augmentation models
  • Developer talent with diverse capabilities

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